• About the CCC

    The doctrine of counterinsurgency (COIN) is reshaping the global technical management of empire. At the same time the US military is deploying a weaponized social science in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the techniques and strategies of COIN operations are working their way into the US’s domestic policing apparatus. These entanglements have serious implications that call for the articulation of a politics that accounts for life during protracted global counterinsurgency. The Counter-Counterinsurgency Convergence (CCC) is organized around three interwoven goals. The CCC will open space for a historically grounded encounter between researchers and activists who work around issues of security, repression, and the shifting nature of the state. The CCC will map the contours of transnational counterinsurgency while designing strategies that contest, confound, and confront both COIN and empire. The CCC will be organized around a three-day convergence consisting of paper presentations, lectures, film screenings, and collaborative workshops.
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April 8-10th, 2011. Reed College, Portland, OR

Keynote Events Film screening: COINTELPRO 101 (4/8) 5pm-Vollum Lounge COINTELPRO was the FBI’s counterintelligence program used to crush domestic liberation movements during the 1960s and 1970s.  This film documents the state’s tactics through interviews with those who lived through this war on dissent. Elaine Brown: On Memory and Resistance (4/8) 8pm-Vollum Lecture Hall Elaine Brown … Continue reading